About Rossignol:
Rossignol was founded in 1907 in Voiron, France to produce bobbins and other wooden goods for the textile industry. Its founder, Mr. Abel Rossignol, also developed a wooden ski design, and by 1911 he had installed a ski production line in the factory.

In the mid-1950’s, prompted by a decline in the textile industry, the company made the decision to focus on the ski industry. Its first competition ski was launched in 1959, and in 1960 the new ski won the Olympic downhill competition in Squaw Valley.

In the mid-1960’s Rossignol developed a new technology, plastic skis, and quickly became the world’s largest plastic ski manufacturer. In 1967, the company opened a second production facility and also took control of another ski brand, Skis Dynastar S.A.

In the late-1960’s the company grew aggressively and globally, and in 1971 Rossignol went public, listing on the Paris stock exchange. In 1972, Rossignol became the world’s leading ski manufacturer.

Rossignol continued to grow through the 1980’s, further developing its activities in both the Nordic and Alpine categories and expanding into the Tennis and Apparel categories. In the late 1980’s and early 1990’s Rossignol completed the acquisitions of the Lange Group (ski boots - 1989), Cleveland Golf (1990) and Look Fixations (ski bindings – 1994). The company continued its growth in the snowboard category with the launch of the Rossignol Snowboard program in 1987 and through acquisition with the additions of Emery (snowboard bindings – 1999) and Grand Chavin Snowboard (Hot, Hammer and A Snowboard brands – 2000).

In order to drive integration and innovation in the newly-formed Outdoor/Mountain group, the decision was made to move the group to a mountain location and create a unique environment where everyone could live, eat and breathe the mountain sports lifestyle. The Mountain Center was conceived and Park City, Utah was chosen as its location. Opening in June 2006, The Mountain Center will be a place where mountain boardsports and the mountain lifestyle converge, and where the lines between work and play blur creatively. Here staff, designers, team riders and guests can collaborate, confer and relax.